Thursday, April 22, 2010

While I am waiting

I am being proactive. During Nap time this week, I have begun to remove the "pond rocks" from the front planter, transplant my mums, remove the old retaining wall planter, and get started on digging out the Bush that sits infront of our Dining Room. Not alot to do, but so time consuming, when I only have about 3 hours a day to do it in. Monster has been helping me dig up stones and bricks all over the place.
Here he is digging away at where I hope* to have part of our patio. I also need to remember to pick up a gallon of paint. We ran out of the Dark Blue and still have to paint the back of the house brick, and one side of the houses windows!

We are hoping to transplant our Flaming Bush to behind the garage, to give Ramsey some shade near his Kennel.

The old retaining wall planters are being dug out. They are so much heavier than I remember them being, I better have some amazing arms when I am done with all this!

And these are the pond rocks I dug up from around the planter. I have yet decided if I am keeping the ones that go up the walk where they are as of yet, there are just so many!!

Now where is a Handy Husband when you need him?

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