Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening Day

We didn't go downtown this year, no big surprise. We haven't made it to an opening day since Amandine was little. The loudest cheer that was heard from the game on Friday wasn't for Paws or any play on the field, but one from the sky as the sun emerged. Personally, Baseball can wait till May to begin, if only for the warm afternoon games.I forgot that it was opening day, although I don't know why. So when Chris came out with his Jersey, it was so cute to see Thierry recognize "baseball". I immediately jumped up, ran into his room, flung open the closet door to pull out the Jersey we purchased almost 3 years ago for him. He squealed with delight, and promptly walked around like the King, then went and found a bat to practice his swing.
If this kid isn't going to be good, please let him find out now. I would hate to see his little heart break.


Jenny Long said...

I'd be careful with that bat in the livingroom! If he's anything like Uncle Wayne, he's bound to break something with a bat... MW broke the sliding door. I'd hate to see your TV break.

The Prices said...

How cute! Trey loves baseball too and he's actually good (phew)