Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our new project

I expected something to break or happen this month, as everything comes in threes, somewhere between the 6th and 13th. No kidding either, I have begun to dread that week!

First in February, it was the water heater. As aggravating as that was, it has been nice to have a brand spanking new tank, that not only holds more water (yea long showers), but doesn't leave pink streaked hard water stains. The pink hard water came from the rust and corrosion in the pipes connectors on the water tank and inside, but the tank was 25 years old.

Then in March it was the Transmission. Strike 2, 3x the cost of the first, but the car is running so smooth, we are getting better gas mileage, and our little grandma car has been so good otherwise.

And now that April has come, the 2nd weekend is here, I KNEW the other shoe would drop, and it did. In the past few weeks, the local city housing inspector has been on our end of the street, with a few homes getting some much needed TLC from the many foreclosures in the area. While passing our house on numerous occasions, I guess they felt our sad little stoop needed to be fixed.

We have been well aware of the slow crumbling of the structure, the sad little dip in the stairs, and the gaping hole. We just have been trying so hard to try to save our money for the time in the summer, when a contract will be up and we have no guarantee of a weekly paycheck. So once more all of our savings will be going to a deposit, and the rest of what we could be saving between now and July will be going to the contractor to fix/replace our sad little steps.

It doesn't help, that these pictures were taken prior to our spring clean up, which will begin this coming weekend, but I am wondering now if it is worth doing as it is all getting riped out anyway.

Long to short, over the next week, I will be posting my experience with the contractors I contacted. So far only 2. I was incredibly frustrated at the lack of information concerning what to expect, when dealing with paying someone else to do it. We have used family so much in getting stuff done, that I am seriously thinking our Monster needs to take up the Handy Manny trade, to help keep our home in good repair!

I am trying to think positive, that our silver lining to all this, will be a contract extension, or better yet, a full hire. I hate wishing away my year, but I can't say it enough I can't wait for it to get done, just to know, ya know.

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