Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worst Mama Award goes to...

well, I guess it goes to me, although I think it might make me a better mama somewhere down the line.

We are not starting our summer out on a positive note. The chore list is being avoided by a certain almost 8 year old. There has been a ton of screaming and yelling. Fighting, hitting, pinching, kicking. The whining is at it's limit.

Did I mention that we are only 1 week into summer vacation?

9 more weeks of this behavior, and I will be the worst mama for other reasons.

Today, I made good on what has felt like an empty threat. Last weekend, she missed her beloved Karate, because she couldn't pick up the toys in the basement in time (fyi 4 hours later the basement was finally clear of toys on the ground, after hours filled with crying and screaming). Now, I have cancelled it till the fall.

Of course part of this cancellation goes to a lack of transportation to get her there. Chris' school schedule is already grinding my nerves, and I am so tired of not being able to keep Amandine in any type activity because of this looming issue.

The other part is the continued behavioral issues, that have got to stop.

So good-bye karate, hope to see you in the fall.


melissa said...

i hear you my child is the same way . it is going to be a long summer

The Prices said...

I think we all hear ya'. BTW, you're a great mama!