Sunday, January 16, 2011

A breif vent and Our Challenge

With our newest round of UE we have just gotten all set up with Food Assitance, and let's just say, if you have ever had the wonderful opportunity to need assistance, the amount of help you get is ridiculous. I mean it too. As long as you file the paperwork correctly.

Last time we did the whole Food Help, we got a little more than what I normally plan and spend, which is to say not a whole lot. But the kids got fruit snacks for the first time ever, as just a fun snack to have in the house. I don't do snacks, so this was a HUGE deal in our house.

Now with our 2nd round of UE, no savings, no income in between last paycheck (12/30) to UE help (1/28) we again get to benefit from the DHS Department for Food.

I am not ashamed of getting the help, but I am so embarrassed by the amount the state feels a family of 4 needs to feed themselves. It is no wonder that we are so obese in America.

I am already feeling so guilty that we will have so much money to purchase food, I might end up feeding the family down the street, around the corner, and across town.

I think what kind of bothers me the most is that, because we have 0 income, we get a higher food help. Once we start collecting UE it will get lowered, and we do not have any idea by how much.

I would gladly lower my food benefits by 200-300 and have it go directly to an electric/gas bill, phone bill, or help cover housing. Let them the information needed for a direct payment to the companies that are on the bills, with a huge sigh of relief, tears in my eyes and singing hallelujah. about adding toilet paper, toothpaste, and "necessities" to the approved items to be purchased.

But as much as I think it is too much, I am not about to say, "hey take some of my food benefits away from me", because
1. I have to restock our food storage,
2. I tend to feed anyone that steps foot in my door.
3. I am afraid that if we complain, it will ALL vanish (I have heard horror stories).

So I guess we can be super healthy for this next year, or at least till Papa gets a job.

Which leads me to OUR CHALLENGE...

with the mention of me feeding anyone that walks in our door, let me warn you, February is Vegetarian Month at our House.

One whole month with NO MEAT!!

I spent 7 years being vegetarian. Then I got pregnant with the Monkey, craved Meat so bad, that I think I ate a whole cow by myself. Since then I haven't had the time, energy or money to really focus on a vegetarian diet.

I kinda spilled the beans with the fam. at dinner tonight. Not the best reaction, but they will just have to deal.

Maybe I will slip in a meat dinner on Sundays... but don't count on it.

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The Prices said...

I think it would be a great idea for the government to add other non-food necessities to the list! But, since they're not, I'd enjoy doing the super healthy thing. At least you're using the assistance wisely; I remember working at the grocery store and being appalled that so many people on assistance used it for pure crap food! As for your challenge, I'd love if you shared recipes. I'm always trying to have a couple vegetarian nights a week but all I can ever think of is pasta minus a meat sauce.