Monday, January 17, 2011

Change up on the Challenge

I am going to give my family a break and not do a SOLID month of veggie only meals, but do two weeks , then mix up two weeks with half and half. After all, my goal isn't to become a complete vegetarian again, but to try to change up my eating habits. The trade-off for them: it starts tomorrow!! Grocery Store here I come!

But let me diverge a moment and break down of what I have already done for January.


Can you believe it?? I have been a hard core, diet coke/dr. pepper drinker, for what feels like forever, but definitely since high school, when you could grab one from the vending machine all day long. But I can't keep the stuff in the house, or it is the ONLY thing I will drink.

So I have been replacing it with lots of herb teas. 17 days, and I only had a teeny tiny bit this last weekend and at a B-Day Party. It was to chaotic to navigate the kitchen there, and I had forgotten my mug at home :(

This has been very hard, only because when I am thirsty I think Diet Coke. So it is an much changing my idea of what I associate with hydration.

It also cost so much to drink Sodas. It is up to 5 bucks for a 12 pack if it isn't on sale. And that isn't with the can deposit.

The next thing on my list,
replacing box meals with lots of veggies. This is why I am leaning toward a vegetarian diet. That and I HATE box meals with a vengeance. I find them gross, unappetizing, and ew-yucky! The one and only reason I buy and make this disgusting dinner option...the KIDS, all three of them. Yes, I am counting the Papa in there.

Not the our Papa wouldn't love to eat any other number of options, but he doesn't make a sour face if we make it. The other two gobble them up, as I pick at mine, the way the Monkey picks at a salad.

That is the next reason to why the increase in vegetable awareness. Monkey hates Veggies, which is crazy, because she used to love them. A re-introduction is a must.

The saddest part of this whole thing... I LOVE TO COOK. It makes me happy, and yet my kids prefer the over processed stuff. I guess all kids love things with superheros, cartoon characters, and suger. Maybe I could hire a little help...

So as our Monkey sits on the couch with her DS, I am sorting through the millions of vegetarian dishes online, and through my cookbooks, I am so excited for this!

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aftonini said...

Rachel, I am so proud to hear about the no sodas. Coming from somebody that use to drink AT LEAST 4-20 oz. bottles a day I know it is hard. I have not had caffeine since spring break last year when I drove to Kentucky (I used it for medicinal purposes). It had originally been 6 or 9 months before that. I do however, maybe once every month or more, have a "caffeine free diet coke". Only because my throat seems to crave the carbination. I feel better drinking water, like better hydrated, think more clearly etc. Anyway good for you and I am behind you 100%!