Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greek Cheese and Potato Patties with Carrot and Cilantro Soup

This wasn't my first choice for today, but Yesterday the Monkey started to get sick. Picking this Dinner option was purely on what would be easy on her stomach, as I wasn't about to fight a semi-sick kid to eat rice (one of her most detested grains).

It smelled so good.

I loved the chopping and snapping sound the veggies made while I diced and prepped.

The smell of fresh Dill is amazing in Potatoes.

The smell of fresh cilantro is mouth watering.

This is how winter smells to me.


The kids hated it!! I was am not surprised. There was an issue with NO MEAT from a very grumpy, hungry girl, and the Monster wanted to stir it more than eat. I think the idea of a pureed style soup bewildered him.

I am glad that I planned the Potato Patties to go along with the meal, as this isn't a hearty soup that fills you up. I also threw in some fresh ciabatta (?) bread.

I don't see a repeat of the soup anytime soon. It was just ok, it can't stand next to my pumpkin soup, and nothing in the world is as good as a bowl of Tomato. The Potatoes were yummy, but we had to eat them piping hot, or they just weren't appetizing. I wouldn't serve them at a party, but I would make them as hash browns to go with a cheese omelet....hmmmm that sounds good.

I know what Chris will be having in the morning.


dawn said...

I LOVE your food posts. Great pics and descriptions. I can just smell it. So, what do I need to serve on Sunday when you all come over? Do I need to stay meat free, or will meat free options be sufficient? I've always been impressed with your dedication to vegetarianism. Love you.

The Prices said...

It looks delicious! I'll have to look up a recipe for the potato patties.

RH said...

Boil 4 potatoes, med size to small, we used red. while warm, peel the skins, then mash. Add 4 oz of feta, 3 tbl spoons of fresh dill, and 4 chopped scallions. Add 1 beaten egg and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. put in the fridge until firm enough to form walnut sized balls.

Form Balls, and flatten, dredge through flour and put in oil pan with olive oil. Cook till brown, flip, serve hot.