Thursday, January 20, 2011

Leftovers?? I don't know what you are talking about!!

My picky eaters are never fans of anything more than once. This often leaves me with coming up with ways to hide and conceal last nights meal. Last week chicken noodle soup turned into Shepard's pie. Yesterday's dinner with it's spicy beans, rice, salsa, (still meatless) would make a family favorite with NO PROBLEM! Super SIMPLE, and AMAZING!

Burrito nights always go well in this house, we make everything we can into them.

Tortilla Roll-ups are HUGE in this house.

Tonight we added the following:

See that fresh bowl of green, the picture isn't great, BUT it is just made, super fresh, guacamole. I even let the Monkey try her hand at slicing/dicing/scooping the avocado.

(it still took an hour for her to eat it. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!)

As a side note: Monster is sick, so I don't know how a 2 year old feels on this recycled menu item.

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