Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parsnip, Eggplant and Cashew Biryani

I have looked at this recipe for years, and have always been intimidated by it. If only because of the long list of ingredients, and the many, many steps to create it. As it stands I have 5 bowls sitting in my sink, along with 2 pans, two knives, a cookie sheet, 3 measuring cups, an a baking dish.

Papa has clean up duty...hehehehe.

Before I can re-create this at a later time I am going to need one of the items from my wish list.

Le Creuset L2501-2630 Cobalt Round French Oven, 5-1/2 Qt

Actually maybe 2 things.

KitchenAid RKFP750BW Blue Willow 12-cup Ultra Wide Mouth Food Processor (Refurbished)

Our Biryani, was found in my Vegetarian Cookbook, and was so lengthy in the steps to make it, that the above link is the closest to it I found online.

While Monkey had her super cute friend B over this afternoon, I decided to set out all the ingredients. I love produce all spread out on the counter! It made me start itching to cook, so I got started.

It was 2:30.

I was concerned about having dinner ready at 4, and dealing with "not hungry" kids. I shouldn't have been, as it was 90 minutes of prep, including browning. Then another hour of simmering, then baking. We were sitting down just at 5.

This is a Saturday only meal.

I can not ever think of I time I knowingly ate a Parsnip. I didn't even know how to core it, and still don't, so if you do drop me a line. The combination of the spices and veggies was surprisingly sweet.

That must be because I dipped my finger in it.

Also, have you ever had a golden raisin?? I am very interested in knowing what kind of grape they are from.

Guess I am going to learn a few things with this cooking challenge.


Anonymous said...

The Biryani looks yum and delicious.

dawn said...

YOU ate a raisin?!?!

RH said...

yea, I know, but it was cooked in a way that made it bubble up like a grape, so it didn't look dead as much. The golden was are really good too. I liked them way better than the purple ones.