Friday, January 06, 2012

Holiday Happenings

The week before Christmas, I got to take pictures of one of the cutest couples I know.

And NO, these are not engagement photos.

My baby brothers's gf just wanted some nice pics of the two of them to hang in her apartment during the school year.

She goes to the school that must not be named, but we still think she is wonderful.

And then Christmas was a spoilfest.

My usual strictness of 3 presents, price points, and unwrapping rules were thrown out the window this year.

But don't worry, they will return next year.

It is always nice to feel like you can spoil your kids at least once in their lives.

If all goes well, they wont get one like this again for some time.

But I will be just fine with that.
You can see the Monster's "tool world" behind him. I think he goes to my work way too much, if he is calling his toys by department names :)

Don't look at me too closely. I am sleep deprived,
like so many other parents on Christmas morning.
I got two sweaters of the same style and color theme.
I must complain of being cold alot ;)

And our Holiday party this year,

The Monte Carlo theme was a hit.

And the "just dance" game after midnight let us all work off all the deliciousness we partook of.
I would post pictures of this part of our evening, but let's just say

Start placing your bets for next year...
2012 will be AMAZING!

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The Prices said...

Looks fun! We had a "Just Dance" party in the wee hours too!