Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My new front stoop.

I LOVE IT, what else is there to say?

Day one:
Demo, it took them a solid 10 hours to get the stoop removed, excavating the dirt for the planters , and laying down the crushed limestone foundation.
Only about 1/3 of the supplies came with them that day, but we weren't worried, as there was plenty of work to do, without adding to the mess.
My house was the the buzz of street.
One draw back on the first day:
the rain soaked yard.
It made for indents in the front yard, from the mounds of brick.
The damp and soggy ground also prevented even the idea to really start on the retaining walls on one side, as the ground needed extra pounding, gravel, and time to dry out. The stoop was pretty much up though at the end of day, except for the top level with the capstone and brick pavers.
3 men worked on it, 2 all day, 1 left and picked up materials, and came back to begin marking for the placement of stones.
Day Two:

The ground was still terribly wet. In order to keep within a decent time frame, there were no workers till after 2:30, (landscapers do need to cut grass when the weather is good)
It was almost convenient for us then, that the capstone I picked out and the steps were at different location (way out in Wixom!). FYI for those of you not from here, Wixom is a SOLID 45 minute drive on normal driving days, add in construction and a semi-accident backup, easily and hour and a half.
The owner of the company spent his morning picking up and delivering 3 trucks full of supplies.
I about had a heart attack watching them move my steps from off the truck to the yard. It was even worse when they were ready to install them later that evening. I counted 2 smashed finger tips.

For about 6 hours they worked on and finished the stoop, including installing the steps and brick pavers. And cutting one half of one side of the planters. There was also a delay, as the house had a support beam sticking out of the side of the house, right where the bricks needed to be. That took forever to get rid of to a point where we could work with it.

They finished the day with filling in the area near the new walls with fresh sod, and tearing up my flower beds down the walk. Christopher was happy to see them go.

Overall, I really liked working with a Landscaper. It is gorgeous work, and it didn't take very long. We have had people coming over checking it out now for a week. The mailman loves it, our neighbors are envious of it, I can't stop walking on it like a queen. I have had quite a few people ask who has done it.


Thank You A&M Landscaping of Livonia! I love my new front Yard.
PS after looking at my home for a few days, I decided to redo my front door trim. When that is done and I have added my new flowers I will post a before and after picture. UP NEXT... our backyard!


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